Berkley Flicker Minnow


Brand: Berkley


  • 5cm  –  1-7/8″, 5.3 g (3/16 oz.) Dives 10-15 ft.
  • 7cm – 3″, 1/4 oz. Dives 14-17 ft.
  • 9cm – 3-1/2″, 1/3 oz. Dives 18-23 ft.
  • 11cm – 4-1/2″, 12.86 g (7/16 oz.) Dives 24-30 ft.

The Berkley Flicker Minnow is a recent addition to Berkley’s “Flicker” family.  It was designed with help from professional tournament anglers and delivers the same “flicker” action but in a longer more slender profile.  This profile better mimics minnows and features the same high quality components as the Flicker Shad series.

The Flicker Minnow is manufactured with the same quality standards as the Flicker Shad but dives deeper and has an incredible tail action.  This will be a top performing lure on bodies of water where young-of-the-year baitfish are present.

The Flicker Minnow is not just limited to trolling however; the unique weight transfer system allows for bullet casts when situations dictate the need for a cast and retrieve approach.